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Reusable 10-12 Cup Coffee Filter Basket-style Permanent Metal Mesh

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These BPA-free reusable and environmentally friendly filters are a significant savings over paper filters. 

Reusable silver mesh coffee filter helps save natural resources and protect the environment.

Cleans easily under running water.

Permanent coffee filters lets all of the coffee taste through for rich coffee flavours.


Filter type:  Reusable filters

Fits most basket-style coffeemakers.

Coffee filter only, other accessories demo in the picture are not included!


Material: PP food-grade plastic / stainless steel


Hole rate: 85 (%)
Weaving method: plain weave
Single wire diameter: 0.1 (mm)
Mesh: 100 (mesh/inch)
Radial breaking strength: 25 (N/cm)
Width: 1 (m)
Density: 100 (root/10cm)
Performance: alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, acid resistance
Scope of application: coffee machine, filter pot
Specification:  black silver net


 1 pc